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Rocky Mountain Discus Fish
Customer Gallery & Testimonials

New Discus Fish Arrive!!!

As new discus fish arrive, many of our discus customers provide feedback on their experience in purchasing discus fish from Rocky Mountain Discus Hatchery. This discus fish photo gallery and testimonial page honors our customers. It is our discus customers and their support that keep us in business. This photo gallery provides an opportunity for shoppers to view pictures of our customers discus aquariums with their new discus fish swimming in them. Some of these discus fish picture photos show how gorgeous a planted discus aquarium can be. It just takes a little planning and patience to successfully keep the king of tropical fish in your aquarium.

We think our discus customers are some of the nicest, finest people in the world and we strive to provide them with only the highest quality discus fish and customer service. We highly value each customer and appreciate you doing your discus fish shopping with Rocky Mountain Discus Hatchery. Located in southern Indiana, we can easily ship your new discus order to all parts of the US including Puerto Rico. The discus fish you order are shipped to arrive at your door on the day of your choosing.

Click on a discus fish picture photo image to enlarge the view.

Great Job Folks !!!

Rocky Mountain Discus Fish Used In Marineland Photo Shoot For New Aquarium Ad.
New Discus For Marineland Corner Aquarium Ad

Jim's Discus Fish Image.
Jim's Discus Fish

Adult Discus Fish Picture Image.
Diana's Discus Breeder Pair
Discus Breeder Pair Picture.
Scott's Golden Melon Discus
Jim's Discus Family Image.
Jim's Discus Family
Discus Fish and Cardinal Tetra Fish Image.
Discus & Cardinal Tetras

John's Discus Fish Aquarium Image.
John's Discus

White Stripe Pigeonblood Discus Picture Image.
Diana's Striped Pigeon Discus
Discus breeding pair image.
Hector's Red Snow Discus

Rocky Mountain Discus Fish Picture Image.
Ryan's Discus

Bill's Blue Turquoise Discus.
Bill's Blue Turquoise

Golden Discus Fish Image.
Kathy's Golden Discus
New Discus Image.
Kathy's New Discus
Planted discus aquarium image.
Dr. Watson's Planted Tank
 Discus Fish Aquarium image.
Leeland's Planted Tank

Brett and Lena's planted discus aquarium with red melon discus fish.
Red Melon Discus, Plants

Ryan's new discus fish image.
Ryan's Discus

Paul's Planted Discus Aquarium.
Paul's Discus Aquarium

Red Melon Discus.
Morgan's Red Melon Discus
Photo Image of Rocky Mountain Discus Fish.
Matt's Discus Fish

Bucky's Discus Fish Picture.
Bucky's Discus Aquarium

Jan's Discus Picture Image.
Jan's Discus Fish

Tory's Blue Diamond Discus Fish Picture.
Tory's Blue Diamond

Tory's Brilliant Blue Discus Fish Photo.
Tory's Brilliant Blue Discus

Tory's Discus Group Photo.
Tory's Discus Group

Tom's Discus Fish Aquarium Image.
Toms Discus Show Tank

Toms Discus.
Tom's Discus


The discus are doing fine. They are beautiful. Thanks for picking them. I will tell all my friends to

order from you. Thanks again. Rick P.

Thank you so much for the time and advice you have given me. It is wonderful to see there are still 

people and businesses that take pride in their trade. Your service after the sale is fantastic and

extremely hard to come by these days. Once again....Thank you Have a great day. Tom S.



Hi Al, Just wanted to let you know our fish arrived safely and they are wonderful. They are very vibrant

and social. You are the third online place that we have bought discus from and the fish you sent are by far the best. You are also the first one to give us a call to let us know that our fish have shipped, which I thought was very nice and shows me that you care about your fish and your customers. I have

attached a picture of our new babies for you to see their new home. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and you will be our go to guy in the future. Thanks again. Sincerely Mary H.

Hi Al, Discus came in yesterday afternoon and are beautiful and doing great! Thanks! Teri

Al, Just a note to thank you for the great fish. They arrived Tuesday as promised. I acclimated them according to your instructions, and kept the lights out for several hours initially. All of the kids are fine today, and beginning to eat very well. I am happy with the purchase. It was smooth and easy, and I find you to be an honest, stand up guy. Thanks for all your help, and the great, beautiful discus. I'm looking forward to one or two more later on.

Hey Al, The fish arrived in great condition last week and began eating within hours of arrival. As usual your livestock look great and travel well, Thanks! Steve

Al, The advice you gave me helped out with the golden leopard and also one of the brilliant blues. I've been doing my best to spread out the feedings to help prevent bloat. I've also reduced the frequency and volume of my water changes, and I feel that the fish have benefited. I've attached some pictures of the recent order you sent me. On a side note the fish you sent me two years ago have been busy spawning, and are producing really wonderful discus. I'd like to send you pictures of those discus too, as soon as I upload them to my computer. Thanks, Tory

Al, Here's some pictures finally. I followed your instructions for adding the younger discus to the older existing school and all are doing fine. I appreciate you taking time during our visit to explain things and answer questions. Your suggestions on color types were right on the money. Thanks! Tom H.

Al, Thanks for the nice fish, could not be more pleased with them. Looking forward to doing business with you in the near future. thanks again, Dave A

Hello Al, Just writing to let you know that the six discus you've sent me are doing very well and of course I'm in love with all of them! they eat like it's going out of style and are so fearless and friendly--they line up like six little puppies all in a row when they know I'm coming with their worms. They seemed to have settled in and are enjoying their planted tank. They're much more agile than I thought they would be. They're my pride and joy and I'm just mesmerized by them. Oh, and they all seemed to have grown-- already! Thank you again for your good advice and for listening to all of my questions so patiently. I've attached a 4 photos so you can see for yourself how great they look. Sincerely, Staci P

I picked up the Discus yesterday AM. They hide when the lights are on, but I think they like their new home and they are eating and active when I turn the lights off. I looked at a lot of places to buy over the net. I decided on RMD because you answered my email. There are less expensive fish out there, but I'm happy to have made the right choice. The fish are beautiful, the catfish are little pigs. I appreciate your attention and wish you all well this 2005 Holiday Season. Paul

Al, Just wanted to send you a few pictures of our new discus! Sure had a good time seeing your collection of fish. They all look great, and I certainly look forward to coming back, and hopefully
having a little more time to chat. Lena wanted me to send you a picture of our Toby, too. Enjoy! Brett

WOW!!!! My fish is OUTSTANDING – swimming and perked in the bag! I am so impressed; it is beyond what words can describe! You are definitely the BEST!! I am so happy with my order, and am going to tell ALL my discus friends – you are the man!!!! Appreciate your call on Saturday – packing was superb and I can’t say enough how healthy he looks!!!! I will definitely ONLY buy from you in the future – I can’t THANK YOU enough for such a great mail order experience, Julie

I'll probably try to catch you by phone too, later today when I get finished with several meetings, etc. Just a note to tell you that we are very favorably impressed with the two Ocean Green Discus. They have settled in beautifully and are in full bright color. We think they will be incredible in a few months as they grow and mature. In short, thanks very much, we are very satisfied customers! Dave & Susie

The kids arrived safe, sound and happy this morning. They actively explored their new home, and are now resting. They all displayed good color, I think they are happy. Thanks, Debra

Thank you for having sent me those beautiful new discus and that goes for both shipments. Needless to say, I am very pleased. Thank you for posting the discus pictures. Marjorie

I just wanted to say thanks for the extra Marlboro Red you sent with my order. Thus far, they're in my 38, doing well (knock on wood) and are little eating machines. The color is great, especially for such young fish. I'm very happy with my new discus fish. Keep up the good work! Linda

These discus fish are truly pretty and healthy. They started eating black worms as soon as I put them into the tank. Fins standing straight up, and they're cruising around checking out the new neighborhood. This is my first discus aquarium and I have specimens from 3 other hatcheries/breeders from different parts of the country, but your 2 Red Melon Discus are the best looking of the bunch. Thanks, Paul

Just wanted to say hello and thanks again for the great discus. All are doing well and the Gold Melon Discus, female, is breeding with the male Golden Discus. Hopefully some fry will survive. They took to each other first thing, go figure. Anyway, I'll try to take some pictures once they settle down and send some to you. Thanks Again, Eric

The new discus arrived ok, and are acclimating to their new home as we speak. They are good looking discus, big too! Thanks so much Debra

Thank you SO MUCH! That high fin yellow discus is incredible. I can tell its going to be even nicer when older. All the discus are doing great. All acclimated very quickly. Thank you and Happy Holidays. Regards Hector

All of the discus arrived in great shape. Thanks for the golden brown discus! As always, buying discus from you is a great experience. Thanks, Mark

I am glad too... these are some of the most healthy and rugged fish I've seen in awhile, and I don't mean just for Discus. They are real tigers! Mike

All the Discus you sent me are doing great and eating like pigs. They are even eating flake food and seem very healthy. I love them all!!!! Thanks again for all your help and expertise, Lester

We received the red melon discus and white butterflies last Friday and everyone is doing great. The white butterflies were a little shy at first but after a couple of hours they were swimming around with lots of energy. Everyone ate right away and are enjoying both the flake food as well as the frozen spirulina enriched brine shrimp. I wanted to send you a note to thank you for these fish as they are truly wonderful. They are a great addition to my Discus Aquarium. Thank you, Randy

I first became aware of Rocky Mountain Discus and Al Johnson through the recommendation of a friend. The friend had bought from Al several times and visited his place twice. I took his advice and placed my first order by phone and had it delivered by FedEx. All 18 fish were in perfect health and Al phoned almost immediately to check on them. He phoned two or three times over the following week. His interest in a customer doesn't stop at the point of sale, I have made other purchases and visited him for the last one. I have always been very pleased with all my dealings with Al. Bob

I just wanted to thank you for those (6) Red Spotted Green Snake skin discus that I received on Saturday. I could not have drawn a better looking Discus! The red spots appear like the stars in the night sky. I like those discus so much I had to order three more ! Also, I must comment on those (6) very very very clean Pigeon Blood discus that came in that same box of joy ! Thanks Al and keep up the good work. Your Friend and Customer, Alexis

I just wanted to write to say THANKS! All seven of the new discus fish you sent arrived healthy and in excellent condition. I have to say that these are the best looking discus I have seen in a long time. The dealers in my area have only limited discus stock and they always are unhealthy and/or tattered. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and want to thank you for the upgrade on the red spotted green snake skin discus and the gold discus. All the discus seem to be settling in fine. I just finished feeding them (thawed - blood worms) and I watched to see that they all ate. The larger ones came to the front of the tanks first and the smaller ones soon followed. I will recommend you to my friends and look forward to doing business in the future. Regards, Mark

Thank you, thank you. Everyone arrived safely, was well-packaged, and are well-acclimated. They are just beautiful and I'm happy to have little ones again! Sincerely, Rhonda & Dan

All the fish arrived safe and sound. I've got them all in one tank and will eventually move some of them to the Discus tanks. I can certainly rely on you for good healthy fish and I always tell people that. Thank you! Ramon

Babies arrived in great condition yesterday & thank you so much. They are all beautiful & I can't decide my favorite, each one is so cute. Thanks again for everything!!! Kelley

Hi Al, The fish came in already this morning and arrived in good shape. These discus are perfect gems. Most spots I've ever seen on a discus. Very, very nice quality. They acclimated well and I'm sure they'll settle in and do great. Thanks for the Ancistrus also. I didn't have any of that strain. Very nice. I really appreciate this Al. Bill

Al, Thank you so much for the unbelievably beautiful fish you sent. We are now so proud of our discus tank (the neighbors are so envious...) My water conditions are very stable and my fish are thriving, thanks to you. I am feeding the following: Omega flakes, brine shrimp, blood worms, kelp flakes. My nine discus follow me around the tank when I enter the room. The golden melon is probably the nicest discus strain I have ever seen. I will attach a photo next time. Ken

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