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Customer Testimonials

Welcome to page two of our discus customers photo gallery and testimonial section of the Rocky Mountain Discus Website. This page of our web site honors our discus customers who have purchased discus fish from Rocky Mountain Discus by either mail order or visit. It is our discus customers and their support that keep us afloat. Whether you are nine or ninety, we will provide you with the finest discus fish and best customer service possible. We want your experience in the discus world to be a pleasant one.

We think our discus customers are some of the nicest, finest people in the world and we strive to provide them with only the highest quality discus fish. This web page allows our customers to share with others their experience mail ordering discus fish from Rocky Mountain Discus. These discus customer comments are emails we have received. We have not prompted anyone or asked anyone to make these comments. We highly value each and every one of our discus customers and thank you for your support. We are located in southern Indiana and can easily ship our discus fish to all parts of the US including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. Our discus are shipped to arrive at your door on the day of your choosing.
Kind words are treasures worth keeping...


I just wanted to thank you for such good service. We love the six fish that you sent us. They are beautiful and are doing well. They have fit right into our tank. Take Care, Miranda

hi Al Just wanted to let you know the discus got here and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for picking out such nice specimens for me! The pigeon's colors are spectacular, and the alenquer is stunning, and well all of them look great. Incredible finnage on the little blue diamond. Thank you so much!!!! Tim

Al, Got 'em safe and sound - great job Al- beautiful fish!!!! I have five other similar size discus it the tank and the newbies were welcome with open fins, cool watching them get incorporated into the school and begin swimming around with their new family. Looking forward to working with you in the future. All the best- Paul

If you are looking for a honest, nice, Discus "expert" this is the only search you need to do. Al cares about HIS Discus. His knowledge of Discus is unsurpassed......he will be there for you. I have tried two other vendors and sadly, it was all about them making money for themselves. Their Discus were poor in quality, arrived dead, or near dead. There was no way to contact them other than by e-mail. ( they never replied ). This man not only answers his phone, but more importantly, he cares. times, The Discus I ordered were packaged extremely well, at my door in no time. Needless to say, the fish were not only alive, but healthy and beautiful. You would be hard pressed to find a better vendor than this one. Indeed, customer care is what he's all about. I'm not going to wish you luck. You have it right now.

Hi Al Thanks a lot for your well done business im pretty glad with the purchase of my discus and im locking to do more business with your company. the discus are doing really good in my 240 gal tank and eating great with my other discus. Have a good one Angel

Hi Al This is Tung just got ur fishes this morning and wow!!!! all amazing fish and healthy Thanks you!!!!

Hi Al, Bought the eight discus from you a couple of weekends ago. Just thought you would like to know they are doing great. Had absolutely no problems with them. They are not shy. They eat like horses. I tested the water you shipped the fish in and I got a reading of 6.4 which I always felt was the best I could achieve when living in Denver.

Received the fish this morning, Al, they are a beauty! Thanks. I will keep you in mind for future orders. By the way, do you ship your beef heart mix (maybe in colder months)? Henke

Hi Al, I received the fish and the food this morning Friday.......The fish are beautiful!!!!! They were hungry. I gave them bloodworms as you suggested on the website. THANK YOU for holding them thru the storm. And calling me about it. IT was very kind of you. I look forward in doing more business with you and telling everyone here in New Jersey how kind and professional you are. The fish are fine and healthy as you said. After a couple of hours they came to the front glass looking for food. I waited as you said again in your website which again is a GREAT website!! Thank you and have a great holiday to you and your family!! Rich

Hey Al Thanks for the beautiful Discus . My daughter and I almost could not believe how special they are. I will definitely call you in the near future for more. Amazing. Wonderful. The Red spotted green are just incredible, exactly what I wanted. Thanks again Jim

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the discus and the bristlenose plecos all made it home great. They are showing great colors and eating like crazy. I appreciate you allowing my brother and I to come out to the hatchery and pick out the discus. I am looking forward to getting a larger tank in the future and when I do I would love to come back and get some more! I hope your project with your showroom is a success. I would really be interested to see it when you have it completed. I will keep you posted on the success with the discus and bristlenose. Thanks, Ben

Hi Al, Just wanted to let you know the discus arrived safely. They acclimated very easily and already seem to be at home. They are beautiful. The red pigeon is much prettier than your picture. The golden snake skins are just what we were looking for. Thanks, Gary and Lynn

Al, I just want to thank you for the beautiful discus you sent me last week. They are all very healthy, happy and eating. When I first open the bag, they were all swimming around and alert. After I put them in my tank, they were not hiding. They were swimming around and checking out their new place. The fish are very clean, with no peppering which I really like. The whole buying experience from you was very smooth and you were very helpful and honest. I canít wait to hear from you to let me know when you have more fish I want ready. You have so many beautiful fish that I want to get, so my husband and I are talking about getting a bigger tank so we can get more of your fishes in the near future. Itís too bad I live in California because I really would love to come visit your hatchery. Please keep in touch when the babies are ready for sale. Regards, Dee.

Al, Two months ago I purchased 5 discus from you. They are BEAUTIFUL and HEALTHY! I just wanted to drop you a line to say Thanks! Mark

Hi Al, The discus arrived today and are already feeling at home. Thanks for the careful packaging and shipping and for the excellent way you care for your fish. Roger

Hey Al, Erik from Wisconsin here. Just wanted to let you know the fish arrived this morning at 8:45 am and have been acclimated and introduced to the tank. Everyone looks happy. What beautiful fish! Thank you very much, the selections are superb. Thanks!

Hello Al, I purchased a quartet of discus from you back in 1997, and the last one of them passed away last month. They lived a very long time - much longer than I expected. I would like to obtain an updated price list from you because I'd like to get a new batch of "kids" from you. I'm looking for hardy little guys that we can put into a 225 gallon planted show tank. Thanks in advance for the price list. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best Regards, Robert

Merry Christmas to you too! Everybody is adjusting nicely. Very friendly discus. Thank you, they all look beautiful. Amy

Al - Just a note to thank you for the four shipments of exceptional quality discus. As I mentioned on the phone I have been working with discus since the 1950's (that's lots of water changes!!) and during that time I have ordered hundreds of discus from excellent breeders around the globe. Your discus are without reservation some of the finest that I have ever received. The shape and color are of course incredible but equally important they are from exceptionally robust strains. They settled in right away without any shyness or "skittish" tendencies, accepted flake food as well as frozen, and growth was evident within the first few weeks. As you know, it's such a pleasure to go into the discus room and see all the fish lined up eager to accept yet another meal ! That's a sure sign that all is well. I highly recommend your fish to either the experienced discus keeper but also more importantly to those with a little less experience. There is no better way to start out in the discus world than with healthy, happy fish. That makes life so much easier ! So - thanks again. I will keep in touch. Harold

Al, I love my new discus. Your discus fish are the best ones I have seen and I've seen a lot. I am 62 years young. I will now buy my discus from you. Thanks again, Ron

Thank you so much for selecting such beautiful discus fish for me. The pet stores here in Phoenix have nothing EVEN CLOSE to the quality and color of yours, and they are charging more. Also thanks for the kind and caring advice on tank set-up and maintenance. Your friend, Ken

Al, just after my email to you my fish swam up to my door! They look great right out of the box and are acclimating in my tank now. I will get back with you in a day or two to let you know how the introductions went. My fish thank you, my hypnotized, fish deprived cat thanks you, and my family thanks you as they laugh at me while I hover and dance around my tank! Deborah

I just wanted to let you know that the discus arrived in perfect condition and are awesome! The discus are doing great in a 180 gallon All-Glass bow front. I just kicked up the temperature up to 86 degrees F and the discus are very active. Hope to hear from you in the future and itís been a pleasure doing business with you! Thanks again! Jason

Al, I had to let you know I just got the discus into the tank. Absolutely beautiful looking fish! The reds are incredible, actually they all are. Thanks again, Mike

Al, Just sitting here tonight watching my Discus munch out and thinking of you. My 9 babies (4 Royal Blues, 2 Golden, 2 checkerboards, 1 Ocean Green) that you recently sent me are all doing fabulous! My older discus seem even happier since they have arrived (must be like the influence of grandkids around the older folks!) and everyone is eating like crazy! Beginning to think you slipped in some piranha hybrids! Anyway, thanks again for your expertise and excellent fish. Deb

Al, We really enjoyed our visit. We got the fish home and they settled right in. They are eating and exploring their new home. We really appreciate you spending the time with us to answer all of our questions. Watching your raccoon play with the dogs was cool. We will definitely get up that way again.
Thanks for everything, Patrick

Thanks so very much for the opportunity to obtain the Golden Albino Discus. The White Face Red Melons are truly beautiful. Well, both are! The Golden Albino show the distinctive red "rabbit-eye " due to the albino influence. These fish are just so absolutely full of life, and after all that travel time, I am just delighted! After having not had food for such a long while, they are eating voraciously this evening! But, they're just so frisky and so happy to be alive and I'm just plain tickled. Well, I'll attach a couple of photos. Thanks again! All best to you! Scott

Al, Thank you so much for the red melons, yellows, and blue diamonds. The discus arrived healthy with good shape and color. Thank you for all your help and great advice. I have been keeping discus for several years now and have found Rocky Mountain Discus fish, supplies, and customer service is the best.  Thanks again, Matt

Dear Al, The fish arrived on Wednesday morning around 9:45 am and we have been enjoying them ever since. Your acclimation process worked great and we have had no problems. They hid at first, as expected, but quickly came out to eat their blood worms after having been in the tank for 5 hours. Their colors are wonderful and we couldn't be more pleased. You picked us out some beauties! We can't wait to watch them grow into their true coloring. This is the first time that we have ever kept discus and we never thought that it would actually be this easy. You have made this first experience so enjoyable for us. We look forward to watching these grow and hopefully more of your discus in the future. Thanks again, Matthew & Sarah

Al - Just a quick note to say thank you and let you know the four "kids" arrived this morning at 10:00 in great shape. They are settling in their new home and getting acquainted with their three discus tank mates. All is going well and they are all quite lively and very beautiful. Thank you again. You can bet your name will get around a bit more in Austin, Texas. Stephanie

Dear Mr. Al, I have sent with this email a picture of my happy babies. As I'm sure you know already from previous happy customers, they are hungrily scarfing down all the blood worms I can give them. You will note that the catfish you sent me have not yet cleaned the entire tank, but believe me they're working on it. I think they've grown already. Thanks from another happy customer, Ingrid

Hello Al, I wanted to let you know all the discus made it to Florida just fine. I just took these pictures and thought you would like to see them. By the way they are the most beautiful fish in my tank. Sincerely, Bill

Hi Al, We received our discus yesterday. They look great we love them Thank You !! Bruce & Jane

I just want to let you know about the wonderful 10 Discus that I received from you the first of December last year. I still have all ten, they are as healthy as the day I received them. And I would like to take this time to say thank you for such health and colorful fish. It has been 6 mos. Now that is five months longer then the three other times I tried to raise Discus (that was in the early 90ís) and one of the reason has to be the health of the fish you sold me. They are growing and getting their color. I have yet to have any kind of a problem, unlike the other times. So thanks again. I will send you a little note when I reach that milestone December first this yearÖ Forever grateful Gregory J

Al, The discus I received from your were superlative. The key to keeping discus is to start with quality fish from a quality breeder. There are so many breeders out there that don't care what they send. You take the time to make sure your discus are of high quality! I thank you for the great looking super leopards and the yellow with red eyes. Also thank you for the advice you have given me. I would recommend your discus to anyone. Thanks again friend. John G

hi al just wanted to thank you for all your help. we got our fish order and they were great. we took our time getting them in the tank. they never lost their color they looked great the first day. the fish are also eating great. they are the best looking discus fish I had ever bought. I am very happy with them and your service. I told all my friends about you and looking forward to buying more fish in the future. I just need a few more tanks. thanks again alex c

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate the beautiful discus you sent me. I decided to place an order with Al Johnson from Rocky Mountain Discus. Man am I glad I did. Rocky Mountain Discus had nothing, but good reviews. When my discus arrived, they looked better than anything I had seen in any LFS. I have had them for about three weeks now and they have really colored up and have good shape and nice high fins. The two red melons are turning a deep shade of red and the two red spotted leopards are turning an almost strawberry color, have real nice spotting and are even starting to show a lot of blue. They look better than any of the pictures on the Rocky Mountain Discus web site and they are still juveniles; about 3 to 3.5 inches long. They are also eating like pigs and are extremely active. They even always swim to the front of the tank to greet me when I walk into the room. I would recommend buying from Rocky Mountain Discus to anyone. Al was also very responsive after the sale. When I received my discus, he called to ask how they were doing. Thanks Al for some wonderful discus. Adam R

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