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Image Link To Full Time Discus Fish Breeder, Rocky Mountain Discus Hatchery.

Welcome To The
Rocky Mountain Discus Fish Web Site

Full Time Discus Fish Breeder and
Discus Fish Hatchery Dedicated to Excellence
Quality Discus Fish For Sale By Mail Order Or Visit

Rocky Mountain Discus Fish Hatchery moved from Colorado and is located in southern Indiana. We welcome visitors shopping for discus fish by appointment to our discus fish show room. In addition to discus mail order sales be sure to visit our Online Store for all your discus fish supply needs. A PayPal account is not required to shop at the store.

Click on the discus fish name for information

Discus Fish Breeder
Rocky Mountain Discus Fish Hatchery

Rocky Mountain Discus Fish Hatchery is a full time discus fish breeder located in southern Indiana. We offer high quality discus fish for sale. Rocky Mountain Discus Fish Hatchery has been a full time discus business for nearly twenty years as a discus fish supplier. We supply healthy high quality discus stock directly to discus hobbyists. Like many discus breeders Al was a hobbyist discus fish breeder for several years. As a hobbyist discus fish breeder Al developed a passion for breeding discus fish which continues today. Rocky Mountain Discus Hatchery began as a full time state licensed discus fish breeder in Colorado in 1989 offering live discus fish sales. A state licensed discus fish breeder follows strict protocol and is periodically subject to unannounced inspections. Every inspection of our farm discus fish hatchery and discus fish stock yielded perfect scores in all areas. Rocky Mountain Discus Fish Hatchery moved to southern Indiana in 2001. Rocky Mountain Discus continues to adhere to strict standards in our discus fish care. Rocky Mountain Discus offers high quality grade a discus fish for sale by mail order or by a visit to our farm discus fish show room. Our farm Discus Fish Hatchery is located in the country and is close to major highways for easy access. Rocky Mountain Discus Fish Hatchery offers a fine selection of colorful discus stock including new strains.

High Quality Discus Fish For Sale

To ensure healthy high quality discus fish for sale, health screenings are performed on our discus by a veterinarian with specialized experience working with discus fish breeders and their discus fish stock. This ensures our discus fish for sale are healthy high quality. Because particular attention is paid to the color, size, health and shape of our discus fish stock Rocky Mountain Discus does have a large volume of repeat business from satisfied customers purchasing discus fish. We have satisfied discus fish customers in all parts of the US. References are available. Rocky Mountain Discus Hatchery will ship your new discus arrivals to your door guaranteeing live, healthy arrival. Any new discus fish we import for breeding stock or resale will only come from a reliable discus fish breeder with a discus farm that produces healthy genetically sound discus strains. Any wild imported discus fish will undergo quarantine, health screening, professional cleanup and will be sold healthy. Our focus at Rocky Mountain Discus Hatchery is on health and high quality - nicely shaped round discus fish strains that eat, grow and thrive well. Our meticulous discus fish shipping procedure ensures fast safe arrival year round. We guarantee it.

Discus Fish Information: Visitors Are Welcome

Feel free to contact Rocky Mountain Discus if you need more discus fish information. Visitors are welcome and visits are scheduled by appointment. If you are a discus fish breeder looking for new discus stock to be used as discus breeders, we can assist you. If you are a discus collector wanting to add a few new discus fish to your collection or a beginning discus fish hobbyist wanting to start out properly keeping discus, we will assist you. We welcome you to place a trial order to experience some of the finest discus fish for sale in the US. With no minimum requirement you can place a small discus order if you choose, to see the quality of the fish first hand. If you live within driving distance or plan to be in the area, we extend a warm welcome to visit us at the farm to personally select your new fish from our discus fish showroom. If you live in the Midwest Rocky Mountain Discus Hatchery is a short drive from the following cities: Indianapolis, Indiana; Nashville, Tennessee; Louisville, Kentucky; St. Louis, Missouri and Cincinnati, Ohio.

We invite you to place a discus fish order with us. You will be glad you did. With no minimum order requirements, purchasing discus fish from Rocky Mountain Discus Hatchery is easy.  Whether visiting our discus fish show room or buying your new discus by mail order, we will give you the professional attention and care that you deserve. Recent honest references are available. Our discus fish will meet or exceed your expectations. Discus customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Discus customer comments about their experience ordering new discus from Rocky Mountain Discus Hatchery are below. If you are in the market to buy discus fish or just want to read what customers purchasing discus fish from us have to say including photo images:

Customer Gallery and Customer Testimonials

To view the photo images of our discus fish click on the gallery link below or click here: Discus Fish Photo Gallery

Visit the Rocky Mountain Discus online store for all your discus fish supplies including discus food and discus medications. The online store for new discus fish products including hard to find discus medications is on the food and medication link: Discus Food and Discus Medications

The online store for discus aquarium reverse osmosis ro filter products is on the water filtration link: RO Filters For Sale

PayPal service provides fast, easy, and secure payments for your online purchases of discus supplies with The Rocky Mountain Discus Online Store. You are not required to open a PayPal account to use our online shopping for discus care products. When purchasing discus fish for payment by PayPal we email you an invoice link to the secure PayPal processing page.

NOTE: Discus fish orders placed by phone receive conventional credit or debit card processing and are not processed through PayPal.
Discus fish may be paid with PayPal if requested.

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