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Home Made Beef Heart Discus Fish Food Recipe

For those who wish to prepare homemade beef heart discus fish food our recipe is below. If you currently use a commercial frozen discus fish food preparation try this test. It will give you a good idea about the product. Place a small piece of the frozen discus fish food you currently use on a saucer. Put it into the microwave for a few seconds. Do this just long enough to thaw it out. You may be surprised to find that the "discus fish food" you use reverts to a thin gravy like consistency without any substance. Is it any wonder one of the leading causes of death in discus is constipation? When the discus fish is eating a balanced diet they are more satisfied and tend to overeat less.

If you decide to make your own homemade beef heart discus fish food it will have substance, be balanced and provide the roughage necessary to proper digestion. You will see a dramatic improvement in overall performance regarding growth, color, health, spawning and fry rearing in your discus fish. You will also see why commercial discus fish food is mostly liquid. It would be cost prohibitive for them to make it with top quality ingredients. The thing to remember is that this food is nutrient rich. The discus fish do not require a lot of this fish food to receive optimum nutrition. Your discus fish will fall in love with this food and you will find it well worth the time it takes to make it. Homemade beef  heart discus fish food is much more nutritious than any commercial frozen discus food you may find.
The hardest thing in making discus fish food is getting the binder just right. If not done properly the food will fall apart in the discus aquarium making a big mess. We find that gelatin melts when it comes into contact with the warm temperatures found in discus fish aquariums. With this recipe we will show you how to make perfect frozen discus fish food every time. This type feeding regime, coupled with proper water changes is the key to growing hardy, robust nice size discus fish.

We do not add any fillers such as commercial flake foods,pellets or oatmeal to our beef heart discus fish food. You may notice a green tint to the color of this food, from the spirulina and vegetable components. It has been shown beyond a doubt that the diet of wild discus consists of much more plant material than any other. This discus fish food is suitable for all ages of discus fish. For young discus fish a small hole cheese grater can be used to shave the food into small pieces. You should feed other foods for variety such as well rinsed frozen Hikari® brine shrimp, frozen Hikari® bloodworms and quality flake foods like Omega One Super Color Flakes and especially Omega One Kelp Super Veggie Flakes. We rinse frozen brine shrimp in a fine net under running water to clean it and remove the salt before presenting it to the discus fish. We prefer Hikari® frozen bloodworms and Hikari® frozen brine shrimp as it is the only brand of frozen fish foods that is sterilized without heat after vitamin fortification. This eliminates the risk of introducing bacteria or parasite eggs into the discus fish aquarium.

3 pounds beef heart - cleaned & defatted & trimmed
2 pounds raw shrimp - peeled
1 pound white fish
1 pound liver (we use beef) - trimmed & rinsed well and soaked in very hot water 3 minutes
2 pounds frozen plankton - thawed, or 6 ounces freeze dried - well rinsed
2 boxes frozen spinach- steamed lightly
1 box peas- steamed lightly
Note: It is best to obtain organic beef products that are raised free of bovine growth hormone (BGH) and antibiotics.

Run all ingredients through a food processor. When everything is processed mix well in a large bowl.
Add the following: They may be obtained at your local health food store.
6 raw egg yolks , 1/3 cup kelp powder (a seaweed) , 1/4 cup brewers yeast , 1/2 cup wheat germ and 1 tablespoons spirulina powder.
One tablespoon vitamin c powder. Mix thoroughly.

THE BINDER: At the health food store get some agar powder. Not the stringy stuff, not the pellets. Get the powder. The eggs and shrimp in the discus food recipe also help bind the food. Stir in 30 grams of agar agar. Mix well. To activate the agar binding we will heat gently in the oven. Set the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit (warm setting). Line cookie sheets with wax paper. This makes it go much easier later on. Smooth the food onto the wax paper lined cookie sheets around 1/2 inch thick. You will use several pans. Place the sheet in the oven for 20 minutes. Next cool the pans. Place them in the freezer. When frozen remove and cut into blocks. Store the blocks in high quality freezer bags. We've come this far- so why skimp now? The blocks can be precut into cubes if desired. Four ounce or eight ounce portions can be made with dewormer or desired medication if needed.

Back in the 80's Dr. Ken Reeves, the veterinarian and discus expert, came up with something that was a lot of fun and continues today. He would organize "discus food parties". Each person would bring a certain ingredient for the recipe. It was a party in the purest sense of the word. And somehow- everyone would leave with lots of good food for their discus. The good doctor would always test the discus fish food on a cracker before pronouncing it fit for discus consumption. Of course back in those days, discus breeders would drink a cup of water from their discus breeder aquariums to show how clean it was. My how times have changed . . . .
Al Johnson, author

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