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Red Melon Discus Fish
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We are located in southern Indiana. Visitors welcome by appointment.
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Red Melon Discus

Red Melon Discus Fish

The red melon discus has several color forms. This photo shows the white face red melon. The white contrast really makes the red body color stand out. We feed the red melon discus Hikari frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp. We also feed Formula One frozen fish food and beef heart mix. We feed Omega One super color flake food to the red melon discus. We include the kelp super veggie flake food in the diet as well. Red discus develop their coloration as they grow. It is important to give a diet rich in carotenes and vitamins to red discus. The optimum diet will provide nutrients for growth and color development. We do not feed our discus hormones to enhance the coloration.

Each red melon discus fish is carefully prepared prior to shipping. We fast them for a day and perform a large water change to clean them out so the shipping water remains clean. The discus fish are double bagged in 4 mil. thick bags with a liner between the bags. The bags are filled with shipping water, oxygenated and placed in a styrofoam box. The insulated styrofoam boxes are placed into cardboard boxes. State of the art heat packs are used to maintain a constant temperature for the discus. There is an art to properly shipping discus and our years of experience ensure your discus will arrive in fine condition. In Colorado we developed a winter shipping technique that is second to none. We have the expertise to ship your discus in very cold weather with excellent results. We ship year round.

For shipping discus we use FedEx. The fish leave late in the evening and arrive the following morning. Fedex delivers your discus to your home or office. This method is faster and less expensive than expedited air freight such as Delta Dash. We guarantee live healthy arrival of your discus.

To make ordering red melon discus fish from Rocky Mountain Discus easy, we do not have a minimum order. Our discus are healthy, colorful, fast growing and high quality. We accept all type credit cards by phone, debit cards and PayPal. Our discus fish will meet or exceed your expectations. We guarantee the quality of our discus fish. If you plan to be in the area we set up visits by appointment.

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