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Membrane Dow TFC 150 GPD - $75.
Fits All Brands of Reverse Osmosis Filters

Water Filtration Products for Discus Fish, Marine and Reef Aquariums and Drinking Water Filters

RO Membrane Replacement for
Reverse Osmosis Filters
150 gpd membrane image.
BUY NOW !!! $75.

The GPD rating of the reverse osmosis ro filter designates the output of the ro filter in gallons per day (24 hour period). This is how reverse osmosis filters are rated regarding size. A 150 gpd reverse osmosis ro filter produces 150 gallons of ro water in a 24 hour period under optimum conditions of water temperature and pressure. With age, the gpd output of the reverse osmosis ro filter declines. When the reverse osmosis ro membrane is exhausted it is inefficient and wasteful. Proper maintenance on the reverse osmosis filter includes regular replacement of the prefilter cartridges which protect the ro filter membrane. This is especially important in high demand uses such as discus fish water changes or maintaining a large marine or reef fish room. Neglecting prefilter cartridge replacement results in premature ro membrane depletion. The high output reverse osmosis filter membranes should be back flushed regularly to achieve maximum life of the filter.
TFC stands for thin film composite. This type of membrane works on both well water and city municipal water supplies. TFC ro membranes require carbon prefilters to remove chlorine from the water. In the early days of reverse osmosis filter technology, special membranes were built for well systems. They are expensive and unnecessary in today's product line. A tfc membrane is used on all types of water supplies. All reverse osmosis filters are manufactured with carbon prefilters and these should be changed regularly. Sediment prefilter cartridges should also be changed on a regular basis on all ro filters.

The Osmonic 150 gpd replacement reverse osmosis ro membranes are the finest the reverse osmosis ro membranes on the market. These reverse osmosis ro membranes are manufactured by Osmonic. The 150 gpd reverse osmosis ro membranes feature hi silicate removal. This 150 gpd reverse osmosis ro membrane provides the soft, pure water desired for aquarium or drinking water use. These ro membranes are NSF certified and FDA approved for cooking and drinking water use. Filmtec and Desal membranes are made in the US, world leaders in reverse osmosis filter technology. The Filmtec 150 gpd reverse osmosis ro membrane replacement filters fit any standard ten inch the reverse osmosis ro filter housings. Reverse osmosis filters use a standard size housing. This also allows easy upgrade. To increase the output of the reverse osmosis ro filter, simply replace the reverse osmosis ro membrane with the desired size. Replace the flow restrictor to match and the ro filter is upgraded without purchasing a new filter unit. The 150 gpd reverse osmosis ro membrane will instantly upgrade your ro filter to a 150 gpd output. These membranes fit Osmotic, Spectrapure, Pinnacle, Barracuda, Dolphin, Stingray, you name it- this one fits it!!!

Rocky Mountain Discus Hatchery uses reverse osmosis water blended with tap water to produce soft water for discus fish. Discus fish breeders have a higher hatch rate when the discus fish are spawning in soft water. Hard water in a discus breeder tank hinders fertilization of the discus eggs. While non breeding discus fish do not require water parameters with a low ph and hardness, discus breeders do. Discus fish grow well in water with a medium level of hardness.

Reverse Osmosis RO Membranes can be ordered by phone, fax, email or online. Payment accepted is all type credit cards, debit cards, check, money order, or online with PayPal.
Orders are processed immediately and shipped by priority post.

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For information on using the reverse osmosis filter, how the ro filter works and using ro water with discus: Using ro water with discus
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